Not exactly groundbreaking but so many of my poems are sad I thought a nice one would be a good change of pace. ❤

Feeling like a bird come home
alighting on something open and warm
and safe.
My nest might be balanced on a windy cliff’s edge
but from inside this tangle
of branches and soft things
I hardly notice
how perilous my perch is.
It’s nice to feel snug and safe,
even if things are shaky,
are strange,
gangly and awkward
as all unfinished things,
baby fawns and unfired clay
and newly-sprouted saplings,
must be.
I’ll take timid and new over
forceful and unknown
because I’ve been swept up in that gale before
and when at last it set me down
I was sick and dizzy from the world spinning.
If I fall I’ll hardly know
from within these scooped-out walls
that keep me rested and warm.


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