You’re floating in your own little world
and we’re all in bubbles
drifting about and praying we don’t pop
but can’t you pause for a moment
to look through that soapy barrier
and see that beyond that
rounded rainbow shimmer
we’re all in pain
and you are the center of a sphere
but you are not the center of the universe.

Your hurt does not eclipse all hurt
and our soothing words
aren’t balm for our own battle scars.

You walk so carelessly
on the dreams of others
their fallen bodies stepping stones
to a destination we should be humbled
to help you reach.

I want to ease your fears,
allay your grief,
but I wish as I spoke
you might take your focus off
that hazy spot in the distance
as if you’re a soap opera star
delivering lines beyond the camera
and notice I am bleeding out,
and ask,
“Is there anything I can do for that?”


8 thoughts on “Self-Obsession

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  2. Wow. Powerful stuff. Brought tears to my eyes. Your poetry voice is very strong, Amy. I’m glad you’re back to sharing it again!

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