Don’t tell me to appreciate another goddamn sunset.
I’ve watched the sun fall
and I know how it looks
as it sinks below the horizon
like fruit falling out of sight
don’t teach me the meaning of beauty
as if I am blind to it,
as if it can only be found in your cliché statements
on snowflakes or rivers or churches.
I know what beauty is
and I know how to find it without your direction.
I can see it in the sunset if it damn well pleases me
or in the taste of butter melting on toast
or the warmth of my blankets when I crank the AC
for no reason but to feel warm when its cold
and sometimes, even,
in my own reflection
where I can catch it in fleeting glimpses,
although I must try very hard to find it
in the rolls and the spots
and that dark pit I know rests sourly
beneath sober glances
and half-hearted smiles
don’t lecture me
on gratitude
don’t tell me
I need to stop and wish on dandelion stalks.
I saw the beauty of autumn
before you ever waved an orange leaf in my face
I don’t need your ocean waves
or your soft rainfalls
or your mountain tops
or your indie music
or your ruins.
You can keep your beauty to yourself
because I have my own now.


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