Productive Procrastination

Yooooo! So it’s been a while (something I feel like I say A LOT). And of course I should be doing important things like 9-page final papers, floundering group projects and copious amounts of required reading, so it’s only natural I’d instead be found tending the blog I have so unceremoniously left to languish.

A few updates, if anyone’s keeping tabs; I HAVE AN INTERNSHIP FOR THE SUMMER!!! Woop woop!! Meet one of Franklin Park Zoo’s new educational interns. 🙂 I will be spending my summer in Boston frolicking in the sunlight with various cuddly animals and the equally adorable youngins that flock to observe them. I’m pretty stoked about this development. 🙂

Yeah, that’s right, guess who’s gonna be cuddling with this guy? I mean, no, probably not me. Probably not anyone. I don’t think that’s allowed.

I’m also in the midst of a transfer crisis in which I must, by the end of this week, decide if I want to leave my entire life and circle of friends behind at Hofstra University and journey to lands I know not of in the perilous country of Durham, New Hampshire to study English education at UNH. Journeys to the perilous countries of Ithaca, New York and American University of Washington DC are also possibilities, but financial constraints seem to have more or less put the kabosh on those avenues of education.

And so here’s a cute fluffy little poem I scribbled down in my American Short Story class a few weeks back:

Day Dreaming

There are dreams that I shelter on clouds in my head,

born from sheer grains of hope stuck like pieces of sand

and they tumble and grow like the deep ocean pearl

in a mental wash-cycle that ends with a strand

of fragile slip-sprites with their gossamer wings

and spontaneous thoughts displace common-day things

and with child-like abandon we grasp for to snatch

but their slipp’ry smoke bodies aren’t easy to catch,

so they cartwheel away lost in white sun-spot gleam.

Such insubstantial things,

yet it’s still nice to dream. 


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