Kongos and Kars

So there might’ve been a time when I sorta kinda tried to structure The Zebu around days of the week; Mondays for Music, Tuesdays for Travel, Thursdays for Art (sorry to break the alliteration), Fridays for Final Thoughts and Wednesdays were always kind of up in the air (my feelings on Wednesdays).

But I figure this format is not in fact true to myself because, as we know, a college student’s life has no structure. Unless you  count haphazardly scheduling meals and naps between classes as a structure.

I’ve had this song rattling around in my head for a while and I felt like sharing with the masses. The good news is I finally got it out of my head! The bad news is it’s been replaced by the 1-8-7-7 Kars 4 Kids song on loop, which is decidedly worse. Anyways, this band has become my new obsession and I would definitely recommend checking them out. 🙂

‘I’m Only Joking’ and ‘Escape’ are favorites too.

Sidenote: I was listening before ESPN! #hipsterstatus


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