Rainbow Concoctions

I didn’t exactly make this recipe with blogging in mind, but after it turned out so pretty I thought I’d post it and share with the world!

My sister, a cheesecake aficionado, told me I could make as crazy a cheesecake as I wanted for her 16th birthday. So, as such, I decided to go out and combine this white chocolate cheesecake recipe (minus the brandy sauce, although I’m sure its delicious) and this colorful recipe for a rainbow cheesecake. Baked goods are already the best, but throw in a rainbow and they get even better.




Basically I followed the white chocolate cheesecake recipe, split the batter into six bowls, died each a different color, and poured one on top of the other. The batter was a little too thick for it to spread properly at first, so I realized pretty quick a little spreading with the spatula was necessary after each layer.

And then, of course, after baking and sitting in the fridge for a while, it completely deflated. But it nonetheless tasted delish and looked gorgeous once you cut inside:

Image 1


And I topped it all off with a homemade chocolate syrup sauce. Just save the sauce until after you show off the final product, a glob of brown syrup doesn’t look nearly as nice as a cheesecake rainbow.

So for my first foray into the world of rainbow baking I feel like this ended on a fairly successful note. 🙂 Good luck in all your own culinary adventures and have a lovely Tuesday!


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