Here’s to a New Year

One More Thing…

So, it’s been a while since I blew off the dust on my beloved Zebu. It’s so much easier to keep up with a project like this when it’s for a grade. But since I’m stuck in Amherst New Hampshire for an entire month for winter break with pretty much nothing to do, I thought I might as well try to be a little productive and get in some writing.

Since most of my days have consisted of lying in bed under three layers of quilts, watching Netflix for hours on end and gorging myself on all ungodly manner of junk food, I’m having trouble coming up with something thrilling to write about.

I could talk about my New Year’s attempt to go on a 7-day paleo diet (For all you crazy cats out there who don’t hate yourselves and therefore have never considered a paleo diet, it basically means subsisting on meat and plants humans could’ve gotten their hands on back in the caveman days. That means no grain, no dairy, no sugar, and no happiness).

This isn’t exactly my first healthy-eating kick. They start out well; I can get through breakfast with my detox smoothie and my lunch of kale and tomato salad. But a few days in they all end in similar manners; generally involving me, a roll of raw cookie dough and a tub of ice cream.

Day 1!

Day 1!


Halfway through Day 1.

And I could write about my attempted new exercise regimen, required in part by my crew team coach but also a genuine, self-motivated attempt to get healthy, involving hour-long workouts where I strut from machine to machine and pretend I kinda know what I’m doing. I will take this moment to gush about how much I love being fit. The ability to put your body in a crazy situation and just feel how capable it is of handling the workload, there’s basically nothing better. Empowering would definitely be solid word choice.

Note: This is actually me. My  body looks like this.Post-Note Note: lol jk. /sob

Note: This is actually me. My body looks like this.
Post-Note Note: lol jk. /sob

And oh hey, now that I’ve rambled for half a post I’ve finally discovered the best and most non-cliché topic to write about: my New Year’s resolutions! So let’s see, I guess we have to begin with… A title, actually, it can’t be a list of New Year’s resolutions without a title.

Amy Butenhof’s

2013 New Year’s Resolutions

1. Be Healthier. That means keep up daily visits to the gym, whether or not I choose to remain part of a certain athletic club, as well as try to subsist more on kale and Greek yogurt and less on Jif and Ben and Jerry’s.

2. Get More Involved. Do a play, join an a cappella group or get on board as editor of or contributor to a campus newspaper. I feel like I’ve gotten really comfortable where I am and although I love the people I’ve surrounded myself with at college, there’s more I could be doing, and ample room to push myself.

3. Take Steps to Plan Out and Prepare Myself for my Future Career. So right now the plan is to become an English Education major and teach English in high schools. I’m taking all the necessary classes, sure, but I want to find a job that ties into my chosen field, and definitely work to scout out an abroad program that will cater to this chosen path (Florence Italy, here I come!!).

4. Do Something #Reckless. As I said earlier I’ve gotten pretty comfortable where I am, and although I like to entertain ideas of cross-country road trips, tattoos and working as a princess in Disney World (it’s gonna happen), it’s always with the mindset that these crazy adventures need to be put off until later. After college, after I have find a job, after my masters, after I’ve earned enough money. But keep putting things off and later will start to look a lot like never, so I’ve made a promise to myself that at least one of these crazy things is going to get ticked off the checklist in the upcoming year.

5. Write. It’s what I love to do, but I so rarely make sure to set aside time for it. I’m promising myself I’m going to find time every week to write something, not for school or work, just something for myself. And this blog happens to be a rather convenient vehicle for keeping up this particular resolution.

There you go, my five New Year’s resolutions, which I’m determined to uphold and not let fall to the wayside as so many past resolutions have been wont to do. And, assuming I uphold resolution number 5, I’ll keep you all posted on how the other four are faring.

And with that, good luck with your own resolutions (if you’ve made any) and here’s to ridiculous idealist attitudes brought on by the dawning of a new year. /clink.




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