I like food. A lot.

The following image pretty much sums up my entire existence:


This too:

That’s me passing Dunks every Sunday on the way to voice lessons with my sister. If you ever need to get me to do anything, the lure of baked goods is always foolproof.

Hand-in-hand with my love for eating comes a love for cooking and baking, so I can make dangerously scrumptious batches of treats all for myself. I actually started a diet a little while ago, but all my summer free-time combined with hours spent Stumbling for recipes have all added up to a lot of self sabotage. And since I’ve been making so many things lately, and I’ve decided to breathe some summer life back into my beloved Zebu, I thought I’d share some of these culinary confections up here. 🙂

It’s almost the last day of school for my little sister, who’s a high school freshman, and she asked if I could throw together some treats. If I applied myself half as much when studying for school as I do researching new recipes, I might be Valedictorian.

After much deliberation I decided on these beauties from Picky Palate:

My madre modeling the confection in question.

Recipe here:

Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies, entirely from scratch (well, I mean, except the Oreo…) and ridiculously delicious-looking. I made a brownie stuffed version too from a different website, but neither the brownie nor the dough were as delicious as this one. Oh my goodness, I’m telling you, the deliciousness that is a homemade chocolate chip cookie combined with the heavenly crunch of an Oreo center is pretty much pastry perfection (except cookies aren’t actually pastries, but next to cooking on my list of favorite things are alliterations, so it stays).

I sent my sister to school with 30, she came back with 2. Just sayin’. If you’ve got free time and calories to spare, try these. And if you’re lacking either of the former, try them anyway. It’ll be worth it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cookieception

  1. Oh Amy, I have the same problem. I love cooking and eating and just can’t do without my chocolate.

    Perhaps you will have one of your goodies for the Garlo party Saturday. I will bring rhubarb-strawberry crumble. I have lots of rhubarb in the garden that needs picking.

    See you Saturday.

  2. I definitely will!! ^_^ Haha, I’ve been planning it all week! And yummmm, I never used to like rhubarb but it’s definitely been growing on me. 🙂

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