Meet Leland

Today, I would like to dedicate a post to introducing you to one of the most interesting and entertaining people I have met in my time at Hofstra University: Leland Chen.

There are a few things you should know about Leland Chen. 1. He’s from California. 2. He is enrolled in Honors College at Hofstra. C. He changed his name on Facebook from Leland Chen to Leland Shen to elude future employers that might scope out his profile.

The man in question.

I first met Leland during Welcome Week, when we ended up going on the same service trip together to a soup kitchen. He was already with a bunch of intimidating kids so I’m pretty sure we didn’t actually speak to one another, but he still ended up Facebook friending me, and thus began our lovely friendship.

We ended up joining crew together, and again I don’t think we actually spoke until maybe a month in, when he randomly texted me at 10 PM to get food at HOFUSA and we ended up talking till about one in the morning and, ta-da, friends! And I am so happy because my life would be that much less entertaining were it not for that fateful three-hour conversation at HOFUSA which introduced me to the rather unique individual that is Leland Chen.

And since he brings such light into my life, I thought I should share with you a taste of life with Leland through bestowing upon you the following list of quotes, a running tab of Lelandisms dubbed by me and my friends ‘#thingsLelandsays’. Please enjoy. ^_^

Leland set loose in NYC.

1. As we were walking down California Avenue on campus, I happened to be confiding in Leland some kind of personal stuff. Being Leland, he proceeded to repeat said information very loudly as a couple of students were walking towards us. “Leland, a little quieter!” I whispered, to which he replied, “Don’t worry Amy, they’re just Asians.”

2. Leland is crazy and always insists we take the stairs from the lobby to the 13th floor. So one day the two of us and my friend Laura were heading back down to the main floor and Laura asked why we couldn’t just take the elevator. “Well, I guess walking downstairs isn’t that hard,’ I told her. Leland paused and replied with total conviction, “Yeah, walking up the stairs is a lot harder.” Wise words.

3. I confided to Leland that I had been cheating on Words with Friends (please, who doesn’t?). “It’s not that bad,’ I told him, trying to explain myself, “at least I’m taking some initiative.” “Sure Amy,’ he told me, “That’s what Tiger Woods said.”

Other Leland One-Liners:

While Watching Jackass: I had no idea the human face was so malleable…

MySpace is so 2007.
That awkward moment when there’s a feather in your iPhone.
I just want to sing.
Tyrone Wells. Is he white or black?!?!
Who uses Twitter? No one uses Twitter, no one – I use Twitter.
What am I doing now? What am I doing with my life?
Me: I feel like I’m in an episode of Skins. Leland: I’ve never seen it so your reference went over my head.

Me: I just want to collapse on the sidewalk. Leland: Don’t do that, you’ll get AIDS.

In short, you wish you had friends as cool as mine. I should add that we are currently supposed to be writing essays on the 13th floor, but instead he’s snoring on the couch next to me and I’m writing this illuminating exposé on the character that is Leland Chen. I hope these Lelandisms brightened your day as much as they always do mine and you have a lovely weekend! ^_^

Much love,