Iphone Emergency

So, this happened this weekend:

Harold and his grievous injuries.

I’m rather distraught. I’m an infamously clumsy individual and yet, no matter how many times or from what height I’ve dropped my phone, it’s always pulled through! Until last night when I dropped it from two feet onto some tile. I’m so sorry Harold.

But according to my father the Mac expert he can still pull through! I just need to get him to the Apple store ASAP. And by ASAP I mean I’ll probably get around to it sometime within the next few weeks… months… eventually…

Anyways, I swear I’m getting on that review soon (I know, it’s been a week). I’ve just been soooooo tired, I feel like every spare moment I have is spent passed out on my bed. Me and college have such a love/hate relationship.

Luckily at Hofstra the weekend is not yet over, so I have a few more days to recover! Something is happening for some reason and we’ve got Monday/Tuesday off this week. So I have to decide whether I want to get out and do something, stay in and be productive or just sleep. My heart says A, my brain says B, I have a feeling it’s gonna be C.

(*After note, that reason is President’s Day. Sometimes the sleep-deprived shouldn’t be allowed to write…)

I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you’ll keep Harold in your prayers!

À bientôt!

– Amy


One thought on “Iphone Emergency

  1. We need to get you one of those enormous military grade iPhone cases next time, Amy. The kind where you drop it from orbit and then use the phone to post photos of the dent it made in the rock that it hit. 😉

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