I <3 Nick Jonas

One More Thing…


Soooo, remember that time about a week ago I said I was really busy? Turns out I didn’t know the meaning of the word. Can I just detail my schedule for you right now and let you cry for me? Wake up at 5 AM for crew practice (It’ll be four once we’re back on the water…), walk in freezing cold to gym, intense workout, die, run back to building at 8:30, change, snag breakfast, run to 9 AM class, finish 9 AM class, run to three-hour-block C+E, snag lunch at 2:30, do homework, sleep, extra workout, dinner, more sleep. And it seems like no matter how much sleep I barely manage to get I’m still sleepwalking through every class. I’ve legitimately nodded off in lecture nearly every day for the past two weeks (actually, that isn’t really that unusual…).


Okay, but enough complaining. Since I’m faced with yet again another monumentally busy weekend, I’m giving you my wrap-up of the week a day early. 🙂 I am ridiculously excited because my best friend will be coming up to visit me in NYC tomorrow (!!!) and it happens to be the same weekend of Valentine’s Day, her birthday, and my-cousin’s-band-playing-in-NYC day (Indobox, check it out 🙂 ). Oh, and did I mention I’m going to see How to Succeed in Business again on Saturday, featuring the always lovely Nick Jonas, Beau Bridges and Michael Urie from Ugly Betty (!!!) ?



So, I don’t know if this has come up, but I should let you all know that me and Nick Jonas are Type 1 Diabetic soul mates. He doesn’t know it yet, but I figure after the show at the stage exit is the perfect time to let him know! Yes? My plan is for us to lock eyes and instantaneously fall in love, whereupon he will sweep me away to Hollywood and I will become a famous actress and ultimately eclipse his fame, but he will stand by me as a supportive husband and we will both live happily ever after with our great dane and matching insulin pumps. And this whole scheme will be set into motion by Saturday night. Exciting stuff.


Awww, so cute....


Anyways, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be the best weekend ever and I will certainly be telling you all about it sometime this week, paired with (hopefully!) another How to Succeed review, concentrating on cast comparisons (the first real article I’ve done in forever! Sorry!).

I hope your weekend is almost equally lovely as mine (because, let’s be honest, I don’t see how it could be better) and that you are awaiting with eager anticipation next week’s installment. 🙂

Much Love,




One thought on “I <3 Nick Jonas

  1. Amy, we enjoyed reading Zebu with our cuppa coffee this am. Nana and I are hanging out in West Chester this week. Our week end could not possibly match yours, as we are now waiting for the plumber (:
    oooxxxLynn and Nana

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