Still Life

Bohemian Infusion

So, this kind of blew my mind.

What do you think about the painting below?

And this one?

Interesting, right? Cool paintings by an obviously talented artist. But in the sneaky, wait-for-the-reveal way I’m going about this, you know something else is up that makes the above portraits exceptionally special.

Now go ahead and check out the pictures below:

Now when I first saw this I actually thought what they were trying to show me was that she makes 3D sculptures and scenes look 2D in a photograph. ‘Not that impressive…’ I thought. But guess what? That wasn’t the secret. The secret is this:

She paints real people!


If you’re a little more perceptive than I was, you may have gathered for yourself that the subjects in the above photographs are living, breathing, flesh-and-blood human beings whom she has painted to appear as part of their acrylic backgrounds. Crazy, right?!

Check out this one, one of my favorites:

(Bahaha, check out that guy’s face…)

Artists have always struggled to render their 2D art to appear 3-Dimensional, but how often do you hear about artists attempting to achieve the opposite? Just check that out! It baffles me how an existing, 3D coat can be painted with imaginary depth and wrinkles to make it look 2D… It’s kind of paradoxical!!

The artist is Alexa Meade, 25, and her base of operation is in Washington DC. The girl is apparently pretty involved in politics too, having worked on Obama’s presidential campaign and an intern at Capitol Hill. Definitely check out her website,, it’s got a lot of stuff worth looking at.


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