Art with Movement

Oh, Stumbleupon, how I adore you.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but amidst a collection of painfully long and boring lectures over the past semester I’ve done more than my fair share of stumbling, and it’s turned up some incredibly interesting/beautiful/quirky/amusing things.

My mom being an art teacher I’ve always had an appreciation for all things artistic, and an especially soft spot for impressionism. And lucky for me, Stumbleupon turns up a lot of really interesting/beautiful/quirky/amusing art pieces and artists.

My current favorite is the art of Italian painter Silvia Pelissero. She utilizes watercolor (my favorite medium!) to depict captivating portraits with a creative twist. Crazy colors and an enchanting conveyance of movement and emotion are what struck me about her gorgeous creations.

Here are my absolute favorite pieces:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And although as far as I can see she doesn’t have her own official webpage, here’s the link I found on Stumbleupon:

Oh hey, look what I found! A link to her deviant art page, if you’re interested:


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