Moonrise Kingdom


It’s a well known fact that hipsters everywhere worship at the altar of one Wes Anderson (Director of The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox). And since I’m a fan of hipsters, it’s only logical I’m a fan of Wes Anderson too. 🙂 He’s known for quirky movies about quirky people, and for the extremely precise and artistic way he directs. His movies are pretty much the hipster movement bundled into film form; wry, folksy, artistic, and maybe a little bit guilty of pretentiousness (but don’t let an Anderson fan hear you say that…)

Anyways, his newest work, Moonrise Kingdom, is coming out soon and, although I’m not a die hard fan, I’m pretty excited, mostly because I firmly believe it is impossible for Edward Norton to do any wrong. It’s also got Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel, Frances McDormand and Jason Schwartzman, and looks absolutely adorable. Well, no, maybe adorable isn’t the right word… I guess the best way to describe it is typically Andersony.

But I wasn’t actually here to talk about Moonrise Kingdom, it’s just within the trailer that I happened to find my song of the week. 🙂 It evokes this beautiful mood that seems to suit the trailer perfectly; the 60’s, the faded color, the awkward sweetness and irony of childhood romance. It’s a lovely, distinctly French song by chanteuse Francoise Hardy called ‘Le Temps de L’Amour’.

Hope you enjoy!


Still Life

Bohemian Infusion

So, this kind of blew my mind.

What do you think about the painting below?

And this one?

Interesting, right? Cool paintings by an obviously talented artist. But in the sneaky, wait-for-the-reveal way I’m going about this, you know something else is up that makes the above portraits exceptionally special.

Now go ahead and check out the pictures below:

Now when I first saw this I actually thought what they were trying to show me was that she makes 3D sculptures and scenes look 2D in a photograph. ‘Not that impressive…’ I thought. But guess what? That wasn’t the secret. The secret is this:

She paints real people!


If you’re a little more perceptive than I was, you may have gathered for yourself that the subjects in the above photographs are living, breathing, flesh-and-blood human beings whom she has painted to appear as part of their acrylic backgrounds. Crazy, right?!

Check out this one, one of my favorites:

(Bahaha, check out that guy’s face…)

Artists have always struggled to render their 2D art to appear 3-Dimensional, but how often do you hear about artists attempting to achieve the opposite? Just check that out! It baffles me how an existing, 3D coat can be painted with imaginary depth and wrinkles to make it look 2D… It’s kind of paradoxical!!

The artist is Alexa Meade, 25, and her base of operation is in Washington DC. The girl is apparently pretty involved in politics too, having worked on Obama’s presidential campaign and an intern at Capitol Hill. Definitely check out her website,, it’s got a lot of stuff worth looking at.

The Seven Giants


Your exotic destination of the week is Man-Pupu-Nyor located in the Komi Republic, a federal subject of Russia. Reminiscent of Stonehenge (albeit formed through entirely natural methods), the imposing stone structures have been granted a place amongst the ‘Seven Wonders of Russia’ and sit amidst the northern part Ural mountains.

The Man-Pupu-Nyor is a collection of seven rock towers ascending from an otherwise flat landscape, similar to Devil’s Tower (but, of course, at a much smaller magnitude). It as apparently a popular tourist destination amongst citizens of Russia but remains a comparatively well-kept secret internationally.

Situated in a rather harsh environment, the trek to see these majestic towers up close can be an arduous one, but well worth the journey. The seven structures vary in height, ranging from 30 to 42 meters tall, and are believed to have existed for over 200 million years.

It’s no surprise these seven towers have a great deal of legend and mythology attached to them, but tracking down the actual tales proved surprisingly difficult. One of the most popular is that they used to be seven giants who were frozen in their tracks. I guess I’ll just have to get myself to Russia some day and ask a local to get the full story. 🙂

The name ‘Man-Pupu-Nyor’ is from the Mansi language (the indigenous people of the Tyumen Oblast)   is translated as ‘Little Mountain of the Gods’, a fitting title given the powerful image they strike against the otherwise flat landscape. The fact that they are grouped in a cluster of seven also lends a mythical quality to the site, seven having always had a great deal of supernatural and mythological history assigned to it.

Jacob, Keep Your Shirt On!

Video of the Week

I just realized that I’ve been neglecting my poor video of the week category! It must feel so unloved. 😦 So I decided to show it some much-deserved affection and share with you a video which has provided me with as much laughter as any 4-second clip possibly could. I once literally watched this on loop for five minutes and it still hasn’t gotten old (no judgement).

If you’re a Twilight hater, you’ll be a fan. 🙂 And if you’re a Twilight lover (if there are any of you left out there – your kind has been disappearing at an alarming rate) you’ll probably still be a fan. And if you really don’t know anything about Twilight you’ll probably laugh anyway (although probably a little less. I apologize sincerely for the comparative laughter deficit you may be subject to.).

Anyways, here it is!

Something Good Can Work


I don’t know exactly what it is I like so much about this song. It’s just so fun, and optimistic! Upbeat enough to put you in a good mood (but stopping short of a pulse-pounding club song) and mellow enough to keep you relaxed (but not enough to leave you wallowing in pensiveness and pretentiousness, which often go hand-in-hand). This song belongs in a car on a long, winding highway over rolling prairies and an open window, your hand gliding along to the music. As written by my beloved Cameron Crowe in the criminally underrated Elizabethtown, “Some music just needs air.”

It’s ‘Something Good Can Work’ by Two Door Cinema Club, and I suggest downloading the whole album because it’s all good stuff, with a similar feel.

And I adore the singer’s voice. 🙂

Friday the 13th

One More Thing…


It’s Friday the 13th! Woot woot!

It probably has something to do with the fact I was born on a 13th, but I’ve always been a huge fan of the stereotypically unlucky number. And every Friday the 13th I’ve experienced has been a good day, if not a particularly great day! I attribute this to the fact that being born on a 13th renders the unlucky powers of 13 null and void. Solid logic, right? (Incidentally, my next Friday the 13th birthday will be in 2013. I’m excited. 🙂 )

Anyways, it wasn’t exactly my most exciting Friday, but I manage to avoid getting crushed by a tree or mauled by bears or some other equally unfortunate fate, so that was good. And I went to go see My Week With Marilyn with my family which was, by the way, as amazing as everyone’s saying it is! Michelle Williams was Marilyn. It was a little eerie.

Maybe I’ll have to write a review for it! 😀 But it’s a little late and that’s not gonna happen right now.

Sorry I don’t have anything particularly exciting to bring up. :\ I guess it’s exciting that it finally snowed in New Hampshire! We can now say it’s officially winter! Although I’m still kind of deciding whether that’s a good thing or not…

Anyway, have a lovely weekend frolicking in the snow (if there happens to be snow wherever you’re at)!

– Amy

Art with Movement

Oh, Stumbleupon, how I adore you.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but amidst a collection of painfully long and boring lectures over the past semester I’ve done more than my fair share of stumbling, and it’s turned up some incredibly interesting/beautiful/quirky/amusing things.

My mom being an art teacher I’ve always had an appreciation for all things artistic, and an especially soft spot for impressionism. And lucky for me, Stumbleupon turns up a lot of really interesting/beautiful/quirky/amusing art pieces and artists.

My current favorite is the art of Italian painter Silvia Pelissero. She utilizes watercolor (my favorite medium!) to depict captivating portraits with a creative twist. Crazy colors and an enchanting conveyance of movement and emotion are what struck me about her gorgeous creations.

Here are my absolute favorite pieces:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And although as far as I can see she doesn’t have her own official webpage, here’s the link I found on Stumbleupon:

Oh hey, look what I found! A link to her deviant art page, if you’re interested: