Journalism Multimedia Project #2: Banana Nut Pancakes

Yeah. For realz.

Who says you can’t cook in a dorm? And who says chivalry is dead? And who says guys can’t cook? Because it turns out two and a half of these things are totally untrue, and I’m here to offer you concrete proof.

Here’s an article dedicated to Renaissance man Steven Hartman who not only rows and does assorted charity stuff but makes a mean banana-nut pancake. 🙂

Steven makes a habit of weekly pancake breakfasts, a ritual practice all college students should have the opportunity to emulate.

Unfortunately, Steven is a little strange and doesn’t believe in sugar (I know, right?) so he has no maple syrup. This was quite a conundrum for me. How do you eat pancakes without maple syrup? So I had to improvise, by topping by banana nut pancakes with a spare package of M&M’s. Nutritious.

Anyways, Steven’s gourmet college-version of banana nut pancakes require Bisquik, a banana, and walnuts. And a pan and an oven and bowl, if you want to get technical. Which was super-impressive for college dorm cooking and I am eternally grateful, but if you’re at home and want to make some legit banana pancakes, I’d suggest this recipe instead:

Below for your viewing pleasure is a scientific documentation of this morning’s pancake adventures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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