Christmas Tree Expedition

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It’s never too early in the Butenhof family to pick out a Christmas tree. That’s why we set out on our tree-scouting expedition the day after Thanksgiving, while we were able to get, for however briefly, the whole family in one place.

Finding a Christmas tree is an intricate, highly ritualized practice for our family. Christmas tree farms don’t seem to last for very long these days, so every few years when our favorite closes down, we have to shop around at maybe five different potential-replacements until my mom finally finds one that meets her standards.

If you happen to live around New England, our current go-to is Lahti Tree Farm in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. My little sister gives every tree a pretty intense scan, checking for scent, sharpness, fullness, color, personality, god-knows-what-else. It’s a lot for one pine tree to have to live up to, but nearly every tree at Lahti’s passed her test.

Anyways, I love that we pick our tree so early, because it’s never really Christmas until the tree is up and the ornaments placed. Whatever day the tree comes home is the day my Christmastime officially starts, and the more Christmastime, the better! 🙂


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