One More Thing

That’s right!!!!! 11/11/11!!!! Aaaah! I hope you all made your wishes. 🙂 But if you missed it, you’ve still got 11:11 PM 11/11/11 to make it happen!

It’s gonna be a really good day, I can feel it! 🙂 I already got a pretty quality time I’m on my 2k test this morning for crew, and I had a wonderful breakfast and am preparing for a wonderful lunch, and I’m going shopping and I’ve got a party tonight and, oh yeah, I auditioned for Glee (again) ! You should probably check it out. 🙂


It was just a good week overall! I don’t really have much to update you on, but I’m just in a really good mood right now. 🙂 Counting down the days to Thanksgiving!!! Family and good food, what could possibly be better than that?

I am super-bummed I’m missing my little sister’s show this weekend back in NH. :\ She’s Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and I’m sure it’s going to be supercalifragilistic, but unfortunately I’ll be up here freezing in NY. 😦

Do you know what the history behind 11:11 is?

Neither do I. But my friend down the hall says that he thinks it derives from Armistice Day being 11/11, and somehow that translated to wishes of peace which became make a wish at 11:11. I don’t know if that really makes any sense, but I’ve heard crazier . 🙂 Anyways, because I’m on a bit of a sugar high and probably not making much sense right now, I’m just going to end this post where it is and wish you all a incredibly wonderful 11/11/11. 🙂

Till Monday,



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