Today’s destination of the week just happens to be another location found in the United States; sometimes, living in just one place, it’s easy to forget how expansive, beautiful and unique the U.S. geography really is.

This particular location happens to be in Austin, Texas, although it looks more like something you’d find in Africa or South America. It’s called the Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve, a pool surrounded by limestone slabs and stalactites.

      The spot is a little more crowded than some of the others I’ve posted; apparently it’s a popular swimming spot (I can see why!), but more on a local scale than a national one. The pool was formed after the collapse of an underground river, leaving behind this gorgeous swimming hole.

It’s not exactly a multi-day trip, but it’s definitely worth a stop if you ever happen to be passing by. 🙂

There, short but sweet! 🙂

Till tomorrow,

– Amy


2 thoughts on “

  1. Wow; that second picture makes it look like one of those “hidden valley of dinosaurs” opening shots from a movie. Except for the people swimming; but we can at least imagine that a hungry Tyrannosaur is about to eat them all while a brachiosaur or something munches calmly on all that vegetation up on the walls.

  2. This is a place I’d love to see. I wonder if the water is cold.

    Amy I am just getting caught up with your postings. As yet I still haven’t heard your music as I usually have the sound off on my computer. I will listen to them but I probably won’t understand them. I’m still a fan of the Big Band era.

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