A White Halloween?

One More Thing….


 Hey guys! I wanted to say sorry I’ve been dropping off the grid lately, and also warn you that I  might be fading in and out a little over the next few weeks. Lack of sleep, tests, essay due dates  and  what might just be a cold or could be the flu has been catching up with me. But no  worries.

It snowed today!!! I spent all week dreading snow. I hate the cold (hence my totally-logical decision to go to college in New York). But even though it’s only October, once I got out and started walking around, there was something so exciting about the first snowfall! Especially one like this; not flurries, nothing less than legit snowflakes for Hempstead, NY. I came back to my dorm half expecting excited posts on Facebook about Snow Day Calculator and wearing pajamas inside out, but then I realized A, I’m not in high school anymore, and B, it’s a Saturday.

This pumpkin is not happy the snow's trying to edge out his holiday.

Anyways, our second-to-last regatta for fall tomorrow got cancelled, meaning my Sunday will be free and not spent freezing in thirty-degree weather and insane wind chill on a clunky boat in a frozen river all day. Win!

I mean, I’m really sad to not be racing. So, so sad.

I meant to get a picture of the snow for you, but when it first started up it melted by the time I had my camera, and when it got going again it was too dark to see. 😦 C’est la vie.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Halloween weekend and enjoying this freak October snowstorm while I enjoy sleeping in tomorrow. 🙂

Till (hopefully!) Monday,

– Amy


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