Art, Earth and Peace

Bohemian Infusion

My mom’s an art teacher, so ever since I was little I’ve been surrounded by paper, pencils, crayons, clay and paint. I’ve grown up knowing that art is a powerful force, in all its forms, and oftentimes undefinable thanks to the sweeping range of mediums it can be created in.

Recently, Peter Woodbury Elementary School of Bedford, New Hampshire decided to put together an overwhelming campaign to transform their back playground into an earthy, environmental paradise. The playground is now complete with class garden beds and compost, a giant sand pit, an earth loom, authentically constructed tipis and wigwams, and meandering paths through the field and trees.

Those in charge of the project are ever on the lookout for methods of linking together this new play-scape and the class curriculum. From this sprang the idea for a school-wide art project; each child in the school would decorate their own ‘peace flag’, an off-shoot of Tibetan prayer flags. Each flag was supposed to depict an image or message of peace, family, caring for the earth, or something else important to the artist. The kids, my mother and a dedicated regiment of parent volunteers helped create, decorate, sew and display these prayer flags in the school garden. The effect was heart-warming and whimsical. Here are some shots of the garden after the peace flags were hung up over the garden beds:


(You can click for more pictures)


"Wear a helmet."


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