Procrastination for the Win!

Procrastination Meter

Image by Emilie Ogez via Flickr

One More Thing ….

Is it just me, or do things always seem to work out better when done at the last second?

Since elementary school every parent, teacher, and other responsible adult has warned us that if we procrastinate, we will fail, in every aspect of life. And it makes sense; the more time you have to perfect a product, the better it will be. But somehow, and I know I’m not the only person this is true for, it never seems to work out that way. For some elusive reason, it seems like the work I churn out with a two-hour deadline; whether a painting, reading, essay or project; always turns out the best.

Pour example: In one of my culture and expression classes, I have a teacher who requires us to turn in our intro paragraphs for editing before we continue to write the whole essay, which makes a lot of sense. Two weeks ago, I got started the night of the assignment. I’d read the whole book, I re-skimmed for some quality quotes, I edited and tweaked and got my intro emailed three or four days before the deadline.

My professor hated it. I got about a page of critiques (spiced up with some angry red font for effect) and a suggestion to start from scratch. Ouch.

 Whereas last night, I’m wasting time on Facebook chatting with a kid from class when  we both realize, whoops, there’s an intro paragraph due by midnight. I check the clock;  11:50. “I’ve got time,” I tell myself.

So I’m sitting at my computer with ten minutes to deadline, a blank word document, and I  never even really read the book (so much shaaaame!). I check the prompt, take a second  for composure, and start typing the most ridiculously generic intro I can possibly come  up with. At 11:57 I’m tacking on a half-baked thesis and by 11:59 the email’s been sent.  That’s what I’m talking about.

And guess what? The professor emailed me back this morning. He referred to my intro as ‘compelling’ and my thesis ‘clear’, a huge improvement from last time.

Maybe the world’s trying to tell me something. Maybe our parents and teachers have had it wrong this whole time! I don’t know if it’s the last second adrenaline or the single-minded determination that springs from a five-minute time limit, but I think procrastination’s gotten an undeservedly bad rap.

So maybe procrastination’s actually the way to go. And I happen to have two essay due dates coming up; seems like the perfect opportunity to test out this intellectual theory. 😉

By the way, I feel bad for falling a little behind blog schedule lately (the whole ‘procrastination makes stuff better’ theory only holds weight if at some point you actually do the work), so I’ll (hopefully) be getting a few more things posted for Saturday. 🙂

Till the morrow!

– Amy


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