I Just Found Eden


When I first woke up this morning, I actually had a whole different location in mind for you guys. But during some downtime I happened to stumble across this gem (literally, I Stumbled Upon it) and changed my mind. Look at this photo and tell me your heart doesn’t stop a little:

If your first thought is that you must be gazing upon the at last re-discovered Garden of Eden, I understand the confusion. But actually, this is a photo of Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.

The  park is comprised of sixteen interconnected lakes, naturally separated by travertine barriers. Travertine is a type of limestone formed from mineral spring deposits. It usually ends up coated in all manner of petrified plant life, giving it a unique, porous appearance.

The lakes all run into each other from different levels, descending from an initial altitude of 2,087 feet down to 1,650 feet.

Image from Travelet

I’m not going to lie to you; of course I’ve heard of Croatia, but I couldn’t really tell you anything about it besides its name. So in the hopes of educating those not up on their eastern-hemispherical geography (although actually, Croatia sits on the border of the western and eastern hemispheres), I thought I’d save you guys some trouble and share a little info about this relatively tiny country. A quick Croatia 101. Not even a 101, more like a 10… 0…. So here goes.

Croatia resides across from Italy on the other side of the Adriatic Sea, and is neighbors with Hungary. It’s got a population of around 4,290,000 people and, fun fact, its own currency called the ‘kuna’. Originally a part of Yugoslavia (along with Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Croatia officially declared its independence on October 8th, 1991.

And now that we’re (or at least I) am a little more well-versed in the location and history of Croatia, I’ll leave you with another glimpse of the breath-taking Plitvice Lakes National Park which has most certainly found a spot on my top 20 list of places I need to visit:


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