Song of the Week

I would like to introduce you all to a beautiful little song called “Junebug” by Robert Francis. I’ll admit I didn’t stumble upon this myself; iTunes gave it to me for free. šŸ™‚ And although I’m often ashamed to admit that my ‘oh-so-indie’ collection is for the most part iTunes freebies, I like to think that it’s not so different from getting a song from a friend. Right?

I actually didn’t like it very much the first time I heard it, but I listened to it one day while driving home alone with the windows down and the sun streaming in, and was suddenly lovestruck.

There is an official music video, but in my opinion, it ruins everything I love about this song. The gentle melody and the words conjure such beautiful, nostalgic images, and the painfully generic “I love a girl who likes the wrong guy” music video just kills all that tender emotion. So I’m not going to post it for you. But you can take the time to find it if you so wish. šŸ™‚

Without further adieu:


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