Why Do We Have Wednesdays Again?

Oh, Wednesdays.


You’re such an awkward day of the week. I am no longer energized as I was Monday and Tuesday, and you bring me no joyful promise of the weekend as do Thursday and Friday. You’re just kind of hanging out, sandwiched by all the important days, making my week that much longer.

I still haven’t been able to come up with a good topic for Wednesdays. I was thinking theater reviews could get the Wednesday slot, but unfortunately, I lack the funds to be attending (which is a pre-requisite for review-writing) a Broadway show every week. C’est la vie.

So if anyone happens to read this, I was wondering if you wanted to give me a few suggestions for possible Wednesday writing topics. 🙂

Till then, I have an absolutely lovely post planned for today that will be up soon. 🙂 Thanks in advance for any advice!!

– Amy


4 thoughts on “Why Do We Have Wednesdays Again?

  1. You’ve got your DVD player, and Netflix. Maybe you can’t do a live Broadway show review every week… but you could try movie reviews, or even TV show reviews.

    Or, you’ve been reading an enormous quantity of Classic books for C&E… now, I get that probably the last thing you would possibly want to do is to write even more about any of them; but book reviews could be an occasional topic on the Wednesday blog as well.

    Another possibility would be some sort of Campus news column.

  2. Wednesdays are sorta sandwiched in and I can understand your problem.Why don’t you use that day to reflect on memories of your childhood (you’ve lived in several different places) or even stories you have heard about your family.

    Now that the holidays are with usm perhaps even special moments with the way you (or even others) celebrate. Any special memories of Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.

    It takes me awhile to read all your posts, but I’ll get to them.

    Love ya,

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