Werewolf Bar Mitzvah!!

Video of the Week


In honor of Halloween. 🙂 Oh, 30 Rock, there are no words.



Heart = Kick Drum

Song of the Week

So this has been one of my favorites for a while now. Most of the time when I like a song I end up overplaying it to death, but for some reason I don’t ever seem to get sick of this one. If you’re into the indie scene at all you’ve probably heard of The Avett Brothers, and this one’s among their most popular songs.

What I love about this song, and really The Avett Brothers in general, is that while the music is rock and oh-so-alternative, it’s not caught up in self-perceptive edginess or non-conformist attitude. The song has a fun punk sound, but the words are sweet and the emotion wholesome, and I think it’s this juxtaposition that makes me like it so much. 🙂

Anyways, here is the song for the week, Kick Drum Heart:

A White Halloween?

One More Thing….


 Hey guys! I wanted to say sorry I’ve been dropping off the grid lately, and also warn you that I  might be fading in and out a little over the next few weeks. Lack of sleep, tests, essay due dates  and  what might just be a cold or could be the flu has been catching up with me. But no  worries.

It snowed today!!! I spent all week dreading snow. I hate the cold (hence my totally-logical decision to go to college in New York). But even though it’s only October, once I got out and started walking around, there was something so exciting about the first snowfall! Especially one like this; not flurries, nothing less than legit snowflakes for Hempstead, NY. I came back to my dorm half expecting excited posts on Facebook about Snow Day Calculator and wearing pajamas inside out, but then I realized A, I’m not in high school anymore, and B, it’s a Saturday.

This pumpkin is not happy the snow's trying to edge out his holiday.

Anyways, our second-to-last regatta for fall tomorrow got cancelled, meaning my Sunday will be free and not spent freezing in thirty-degree weather and insane wind chill on a clunky boat in a frozen river all day. Win!

I mean, I’m really sad to not be racing. So, so sad.

I meant to get a picture of the snow for you, but when it first started up it melted by the time I had my camera, and when it got going again it was too dark to see. 😦 C’est la vie.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Halloween weekend and enjoying this freak October snowstorm while I enjoy sleeping in tomorrow. 🙂

Till (hopefully!) Monday,

– Amy

The Floating Mountains


So for the more travel-savvy among you, here’s a destination you might have heard of before. It’s located in the Hunan province of South-Central China, and is the inspiration behind the stunning ‘Hallelujah Mountains’ from blockbuster Avatar. It’s name? Wulingyuan.

Wulingyuan, which I suppose would be considered a mountain range, is composed of multiple quartzite sandstone pillars, each looming about 3,100 feet tall above the ground. The pillars are a karst formation, similar in origin to a previous location-of-the-week, Plitvice Lakes National Park. The range actually spans three different parks; Natural Reserves of Emperor Mountain, National Reserves of Suoxi Gully, and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, so if you plan on seeing everything make sure you leave yourself plenty of time. But if you’re on a tight schedule, I’ve heard through the grapevine that Yuanjiajie Scenic Area, located in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, is accessible by a forty minute bus-ride and offers one of the most spectacular views of the pillars. The scene is apparently so breath-taking it even has its own name; Shenbingjuhui, meaning ‘God’s Force Rally’ (which comes across as a pretty good recommendation).

View from Yuanjiajie Scenic Area (image from http://www.chinafacttours.com)

       It’s easy to see why the creators of Avatar, not to mention artists from all over the world, were inspired by these commanding testaments to the beauty of nature. Not surprisingly, it’s a very popular tourist site (although Western tourism is sparse; most visitors are from other parts of China) so expect crowds. But I think any amount of crowding would be worth the chance to take in this view firsthand:

The World Spins Madly On

Song + Video of the Week

Today I’m going to give you your song of the week and your video of the week in one.

The song is ‘World Spins Madly On‘ by The Weepies. It’s slow, subtle, melancholy, beautiful, and I can’t stop listening to it. Why is it that songs can reach these emotions we didn’t even know we were feeling? I’ve always seen the world very clearly divided by logic and art, where logic is the study of the external world, and art is a study of the internal.

Anyways, enough of my semi-pretentious philosophical musings, the song’s lovely and you should check it out. But it’s nostalgic effect is heightened ten-fold by this absolutely perfect video:

It’s not the official video for the song, to be clear, but an art project by Ryan Woodward (http://conteanimated.com/the-animation/thought-of-you/). I can’t express to you enough how much I love this video; it combines all the emotions and beauty of drawing, music, dance, as well as the human form. Each movement is so gracefully rendered, and although clearly carefully drawn the loose lines convey a carefree quality and evoke bittersweet whimsy.

I can’t get over the overpowering combination of this song and Woodward’s art, and I hope it has the same effect on you. 🙂

Missing Souhegan Valley

Here are some shots me and my sister took back in good old New Hampshire by the Boys and Girls Club of Souhegan Valley. Not only is the Boys and Girls Club probably the best place on the planet with some of the coolest people on the planet, but their backyard is pretty much begging to be the backdrop for a photo shoot. 🙂 Some of my favorite shots of Lys ever are in here, especially the first and last ones!

Click for more! 🙂

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A Murder Mystery

One More Thing

This week, my lamp melted. 😦

I am very distraught over the tragic end of this lamp, who has enabled me to read in light and comfort for the past two months in which I have been attending college. He will be missed.

I’d like to set the scene for you. It’s four AM on a dark, misty morning. I switch on the lamp (which clips onto my bed) so I can find my sweatshirt. I cross over to the opposite side of the room where I begin to notice something smells like it’s burning. I check on my laptop, and then the fridge, but come to the conclusion that I must just be paranoid.

I cross back over to turn off the lamp, and find this:


Warning: The damage depicted in this next image is pretty graphic.

So, I’m a little concerned, seeing as my mattress almost became flambé. But more than that, I am very confused. What exactly happened this morning, and not every other morning, that caused my lamp to turn into a Salvador Dali?

I’ve come to the conclusion that this was no mere accident. So I’ve rounded up the suspects for you.

Suspect #1:

The Television

The Motive:

Mr. Television was picked up at a deluxe Walmart and showed up at Hofstra fresh out of the box. He thought he was a big shot, with his wide-screeniness and ridiculously-unneccessary sizeness (my bad). But it soon became clear that poor Mr. TV would be doomed to a life of neglect, as he was replaced by Netflix and Hulu. With his unfortunate placement near the bed, he was tortured every morning and night by the knowledge that even the lamp got more use than him. And so, driven mad by jealousy, he hatched a devious plan for revenge, joined by his accomplices:

Mr. DVD Player and Ms. Remote. Don't be fooled by their innocent appearance.

Suspect #2:

     The Alarm Clock

The Motive:

I rely on my alarm clock more than any other electronic device in the room (except    maybe my laptop). I don’t wake up to my phone alarm or the alarm on my computer, so  without this guy I’d be lost. I believe he might have grown jealous that Mr. Lamp  helped me out in ways he could not, no matter how bright those little green digital  numbers tried to shine. Plus, his proximity to the scene of the crime is a major red flag.

Suspect #3:

Elliot the Lion

He just has a shifty look about him.

  So there you go. All the suspects have been rounded up; it’s only a matter of time. My poor lamp will not go unavenged! If any of these shady characters arouse your suspicions, leave a comment and let me know. 🙂 La justice sera servie!

Till Monday!

– Amy