TreeNovation Redefines ‘Going Green’

Do you remember running through the woods as a kid; building fairy houses, climbing trees, rooting for blueberries? Do you remember how a boulder could be Mount Kilimanjaro, a fallen branch a mighty sword, an oak your castle watchtower?

As colorful TV cartoons and action-packed video games seem to replace the forest as the new generations go-to source of entertainment, numerous concerns have been raised regarding declining activity levels and technology-prompted isolation among today’s youth.

Adults everywhere seem to agree that kids need to get outside more often, but how to entice them when the vivid sights and sounds of the virtual world beckon from every corner?

TreeNovation, a ground-breaking company, seems to have found a possible solution.

TreeNovation is an exciting horticultural venture that combines architecture and botany to get kids excited again about the outdoors. It’s the natural playground phenomenon taken to the next step. Instead of using natural landscapes to enhance man-made elements, TreeNovation is working to literally create playground equipment out of living greenery.

In this way, TreeNovation hopes to use these structures not just as additions to the natural landscape, but as tools that encourage children to interact with nature.

This CGI image depicts Treenovation's ultimate goal; to create a playground made entirely out of living trees.

Aside from being an ambitious project and great incentive for kids to get outdoors, the proposition is obviously environmentally conscious as well.  95% percent of the materials required for maintaining the equipment comes from nature; water, air, sunlight. “No gasoline-burning chainsaws, trucks, ships or waste,” reads the website. “Such structures can live for 700 years and are self-repairing, earthquake safe, oxygen producing and provide a habitat for wildlife coinciding with their purpose for humans.”

TreeNovation Towel Rack

The company has successfully grown living end tables, coat hangers, towel racks, light fixtures, public benches, and other installments.

Although still in its beginning stages, TreeNovation is boldly exploring new territory, and will hopefully pave the way for similar environmentally-friendly pursuits in the future.


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