Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag, Aloha, Konnichi Wa, Ahn Nyeong Ha Se Yo, Ciao, Nei Ho, Ellohay, Hubellubo, Hi! This is THE ZEBU!

Here’s the way things are gonna work. Like most people, I like a lot of things. So when it came to choosing just one thing to write about, I was having problems. Dessert recipes, quirky pets, that song I can’t get out of my head? And then I thought, hey, who says I have to pick one just one topic to write about?!

(Incidentally, the following people have told me I have to pick just one topic to write about:

Darren Rowse – How To Choose a Niche Topic For Your Blog

Badi Jones – How To Start A Blog

wikiHow – How To Write A Famous Blog

My High School English Teacher

My Journalism Professor

Pretty Much Everyone Who Knows the Definition of a Blog )

So this is what became of this revelation! A blog that works on a weekly calendar, where each day of the week is devoted to a different subject filled with profuse and thought-provoking knowledge that I can share with you all.

So starting Thursday, and every Thursday after, you’ll be able to check out the newest installment of ‘Bohemian Infusion’. And the rest of the chosen topics will reveal themselves! I know you’ll be tossing and turning!

Till then,

– Amy


4 thoughts on “Yo.

  1. Beautiful, Amy. Quirky, eclectic, funny, and charming. A lot like you! You’re off to an amusing start. Good luck with your project!

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